Tale Valley Fishing

June 02, 2013

Not only a beautiful and peaceful area, the Tale Valley houses an abundance of wildlife both in and around the water. On a catch and release basis only, we recently granted permission for two local fishermen to fly fish on the River Tale. 

Having wondered all the way down to the end of the beat where the pedestrian bridge crosses the river, and worked their way back, they caught approximately 40-50 fish between them averaging 7''- 9'' with the occasional one just topping 10''!

Their catch ratio of fish to flies was about 70% taken on the Nymph and about 30% taken on small dry flies. At one particluar poing there was quite a good hatch of olives and sedges comming off the water, this definitely triggered the dry fly fishing.


The fishermen commented on the great condition of the river and the fantastic job with the bank repair and erosion prevention in the lower stretch, which is largely down to the hard work and dedication of our fantastic volunteers! 


The main flies that were caught on were small copper head pheasant tail nymphs and para post klinkhammers, with several families of mallard ducks popping out from time to time taking off and keeping the fishermen on their toes! As you can see from the pictures, the fish had some lovely markings and were in fabulous condition. 

For permission to fish on the River Tale (running through Escot), please contact Mish Kennaway 

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